The 30th anniversary of the establishment of the Group ALLGRAND launch countdown celebration ceremony mobilization meeting

Time:2016-05-09 13:06:00

On this beautiful summer season, through 30 years of ups and downs of the ALLGRAND group, held a ceremony for the 30th anniversary of the countdown start May 8. This is a major event in the history of ALLGRAND landmark!
         May 8, 1987, the ALLGRAND Group's predecessor - Gucheng Fuli electrical plant formally established ALLGRAND people full of pride began industrial nation journey. Today, we can proudly say that a vibrant and promising ALLGRAND, already stands firmly in the Grand Canal.
         30 years of pioneering struggle, ALLGRAND people out of a small to large and from weak crescendo entrepreneurial path, thanks to the guidance of the party's reform and opening line, principles and policies. Reform and opening up are the power source and the ALLGRAND foothold Group's development; trend of the times, solidarity, hard work, adhere to explore new and innovative way of development, which is the ALLGRAND guarantee of success.

       Group chairman and general manager, core management staff, sales Minister and excellent employee representatives took the floor to sum up the past, look to the future, we listen to the passion, and finally vice president of sales and Suppliers Minghai Shang concluding remarks over the years, under the leadership of chairman ALLGRAND this ship has been steady forward, and continue to create new achievements. In the future development, we will be in accordance with the expectations and demands of the chairman, continue to adhere to the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation, the ALLGRAND outstanding entrepreneurial spirit and corporate culture handed down, at the same time actively introduce advanced management ideas and management methods, the ALLGRAND playing a modern company, we are committed to being a leader in the new energy industry, to achieve "the country's most outstanding battery supplier," the vision of the goal.
        30 standing, into the thirties of the ALLGRAND Group, is the accumulation of new energy, new advantages, new development. "Mirs with the wind, moved nine miles." A magnificent blueprint has been demonstrated in front of all ALLGRAND, we have over the past 30 years of precipitation and accumulation, ALLGRAND's tomorrow will be even better!
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