Vice chairman of China Gong Dang come to the ALLGRAND research

Time:2016-04-14 00:00:00
      April 11 afternoon, the CPPCC Standing Committee, deputy secretary-general, vice chairman of China Jiang Zuojun, China Gong Party Central Committee Vice Chairman, the Secretary-General Cao Hongming come to visit the guidance of the ALLGRAND, the CPPCC National Committee, the provincial CPPCC Vice Chairman, Gong CPC provincial Committee chairman Zhao Jiajun, the provincial CPPCC Standing Committee of China Gong Party provincial Committee Vice-chairman Ma Chuankai, the provincial CPPCC Standing Committee of China Gong Party Committee Secretary Jiang Ming, chairman of the CPPCC Dezhou City Zhai Changsheng , Municipal Committee, United Front Work Department, accompanied by Peng Xiaomao.
        Research group with general manager Meng Xianghui accompanied Guided tours visited the company showrooms, production workshop. Chairman Jiang Zuojun rapid development since the establishment of the company gave a high evaluation and affirmation, while ALLGRAND as a "green energy services, perfect human life" for the purpose of giving highly appreciated. The chairman Jiang and general manager  Meng Xianghui on lithium-ion batteries used in new energy industry to do in-depth communication, he pointed out that the development of lithium battery industry is a sunrise industry, electric vehicle lithium batteries as a new energy as a key component, how to improve fast charge and discharge capacity, improve endurance is the key to performance improvement, but also the future to occupy the market-oriented fundamental. President Jiang pointed out that the lithium-ion battery as an emerging industry, is currently the innovative vitality and growth potential of the new industry, to vigorously support and promote its rapid and stable development. Only to seize the opportunity to improve the competitiveness of product technology in order to get a foothold in a large environment.
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