ALLGRAND Group chief expert Merz won the "Qilu Friendship Award"

Time:2015-11-03 00:00:00
November 26, chief expert Mr. Merz Group ALLGRAND apart from Shandong, more than 20,000 foreign experts, access to the year 2015 "Qilu Friendship Award" issued by the Shandong provincial government. Provincial Committee, Governor Guo Shuqing as Merz awarded the "Qilu Friendship Award" award certificates and medals.
       "Qilu Friendship Award" is the Shandong Provincial People's Government to set up since 1993, is the province's economic construction and social development have made outstanding contributions to the top prize of foreign experts.
       Mr. Merz is a world-renowned experts in electrochemistry, new energy battery manufacturing successes, has received more than 30 European and international patents, lithium battery anode material and its invention of high-current charge and discharge technology enjoys in Germany and internationally reputation, fill a number of international gaps. During his Austrian Crown Group, and lead the team for the existence of the current domestic lithium battery capacity is low, a large current charge-discharge performance is poor, poor stability, through the development of new materials and improved production processes, improve the energy density of batteries, extended the cycle life of the battery, and enhance the safety performance of the battery, so that the ALLGRAND Group's technical level has reached world-class level, for the development of China's automobile and electric energy storage industry has made outstanding contributions.
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